Scooter Looters!

Madness abounds in the city in the Blue Ridge. Scooter thefts are on the rise! When they start getting stolen more it means they’re more valuable! Protect your scooters well fellow Scooterati!

Missing Two Nuts

The two capped nuts that hold the exhaust system to the cylinder head on The Stank rattled off somewhere. This, I suppose, is why Genuine decided to call my scooter the Rattler 110. I discovered this problem last night when the engine started making strange noises at high power. Also, there was a noticeable exhaust leak. I went to Myers Motorcycles and they ordered me some new nuts and I believe all will be well. They are good people there at Myers and I highly recommend that anyone looking to purchase a new two wheeled vehicle go there first.

Jet Scooter

This is pure madness.


Night Scootering

I went out for a night ride last night. I love the way the instrument gauge lights up the windscreen on The Stank. Check it out.


I also caught a scooter spirit on camera when I took a flash photo of The Stank.


I rode around the little neighborhood in which I live, stopping at an elementary school to rest a bit after racing around their parking lot. It gave me the idea that a scooter racing series would be kind of fun...


Here’s The Stank looking moody in front of a brick wall.

Scooter Salute

I’ve seen so many Scooterati out there on the streets of Asheville. When I’m riding my motorcycle, if I pass another motorcyclist, we wave to each other. This is often referred to as ‘the wave’. I have waved to my fellow Scooterati when I pass them on my scooter but they have refrained from waving back. So, I’ve decided to do a quick salute with my left hand. I have dubbed this maneuver the ‘scooter salute’. To properly perform the scooter salute, make a fist with the left hand and then extend the index and middle finger together. Quickly raise these two fingers to the left side brow of your helmet (assuming you’re wearing one) and then replace the hand to its original position. Let’s show some solidarity fellow scooterists. SCOOTERATI UNITE!

Gear Oil Changed!

Yesterday, I changed the gear oil on The Stank. The odometer was at 198 miles, so I figured that was close enough. A video of the process was produced, directed and starred in by myself and it should be posted shortly. I also received the Prima large windshield from yesterday and it is awesome. I recorded the process of installation on the windshield as well and I hope to have that up soon. I’m planning on sending the video to with a note about the lack of installation instructions that came with my Prima large windshield.

Real Flag Attack!

I erected a flag on the back of The Stank to announce to all I blow by the wonders of the Scooteronomy phenomenon! Tomorrow I will change the gear oil. Stay tuned!


Sticky Situations

I rode The Stank, my Genuine Rattler 110, down to a local company today to turn in an application. I sat on the curb to lock up the rear wheel and when I got back outside I discovered a huge wad of gum on my ass. I had to ride home and the gum got on my nice new seat. So I had to apply copious amounts of Goop Orange Cleaner to get the gum off, which it did with the aid of a toothbrush, now decommissioned. I also consulted the Rattler 110 manual regarding which gear oil I am supposed to use to perform the 200 mile gear oil service. The manual said SAE 140W, which confused me. I called the dealer and they said to use 80/90W gear oil. So I went down to Mary’s shop and picked up a bottle for 8 bucks. It’s enough to last me the rest of that scooter’s life probably. I also got the opportunity to give two stickers to the 15th member of the forum, a wonderful woman named Robin. She had a neat little Motofino 50cc that had been bored out to 70cc. She was also a nurse and very well versed in the world of scooterdom. Thanks again Robin for signing up! Later, I went to the Ace Hardware, where I will never shop again (see the full story here) and picked up some hardware to make a little flag for The Stank. Pics are forthcoming!
0 Comments Delivers!

I got an email from Aaron from and they agreed to refund my money for the absurdly small windshield. They also said I could keep the small windshield and they gave me a good discount on the larger windshield. So, I am happy with I rode The Stank around today and it is fast. I’m almost to the 200 mile mark, so I’ll need to change the gear oil soon. I went to my favorite motorcycle shop, Strick’s Cycle Supply on Merrimon Ave. in Asheville, and talked to my friend Mary about which gear oil to use. She directed me to some options, but neither of us knew exactly which type to use. So, I bought a cool motorcycle painting postcard (painted by Jeff Gundlach) for my dad for Father’s day, and then I went home and cracked open the Rattler manual. Apparently it takes 140 SAE gear oil, to be changed, as I thought, at the 200 mile mark. I gave the Rattler a bath and then took my motorcycle out to meet my girlfriend for GRE study time (see the blog about my Adventure Motorcycle here). I locked my scooter up with a heavy duty chain wound around the wheel of my car and the exhaust pipe, put a pad lock in the disc brake and locked the scooter handlebars.

New Bits

Got back today from my epic motorcycle trip to the panhandle of Florida. Upon returning, I wrestled The Stank out of the back door of our apartment and started it up. No problem. While I was in Florida, I ordered a couple of parts for my Rattler. Yeah, that’s right, I’m already buying farkles for it. I got a rear rack and a windshield. The rack was what I expected it to be, but the windshield was hilariously small. I installed it anyways, (see the picture of my scooter and my cutie), but I wasn’t really happy with it. I rechecked the product page on from which I ordered the windshield and found that the picture they showed as the product image depicted a much larger windshield than what I actually got. So I sent an email to to mention the fact that their product image and even their description did not match what I ended up receiving. We’ll see how that goes.


ItaliJet Rocket

Astonishing 172cc 2 stroke Italian scooter speed machine. This company, ItaliJet, appears to make two models of scoot; the Jack and the Dragster (featured in the video below). They also make a number of little kid dirt bikes, go-carts and ATVs.


Back to the Scooture

Last night I purchased a windshield and rear rack for my new Rattler 110. I named the Rattler The Stank, because it sort of looks like a skunk and, since it’s a two stroke, it sometimes stinks a little. Regardless, I love it. What a fun scooter; the size of a 50cc with the power of a 150cc, it is truly a scoot force to be reckoned with. I will be posting regular updates on my scootventures as they happen. My Rattler is now parked inside my apartment, stinking up the bathroom with gasoline fumes. Yeah, that’s some serious scootlove.